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Recreation Ground

Althorne has a recreation ground which is owned by the parish. 


Althorne did not have a recreation ground until 1978.

In 1977 the then Parish Council established a sub-committee to organise events for all sections of the community to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II  Silver Jubilee.

The only field available in the village for holding public events was the field adjacent to St. Andrews Church hall, which belonged to the church and is relatively small. During the Silver Jubilee celebrations it was realised that the fields available for such events and recreation, considering the then population of  the village, was not ideal. Following the celebrations, and with representation from parishioners, the Parish Council set up a sub-committee to investigate the possibility of obtaining grants to purchase a field and develop a recreation ground for the village. 

At the time there was a parcel of land at the corner of Buttons Hill and Summer Hill that was considered ideal as it was the correct size, was not being used, and was conveniently located between Upper and Lower Althorne, which would provide a central facility between the two residential areas.

The land was purchased in 1978 and consisted of two fields, a small field of 3.53 acres, which is now the dog walk, and an 8.54 acre field, which is now the main playing field. The sub committee was renamed The Recreation Ground Management Committee and undertook the tasks of clearing the main field of most of the shrubs, plowing, harrowing and re-seeding the field. The small 3.53 acre field, which was overgrown with shrubs and trees, was left to remain as a nature reserve and dog walk An entrance and car park was established and a portable building was purchased for use as a temporary pavilion until a proper pavilion could be funded and built.

Over successive years The Recreation Ground Management Committee maintained and steadily improved the amenity.

In 1984 the parish received a grant of £5000 and arranged for a £6000 loan to build a brick built pavilion. The pavilion was finally completed in 1984 at a total cost of £13,796.60.

In 2008, as a result of a lack of support from the community to manage the recreation ground, the remaining members of the Recreation Ground Management Committee resigned. The Parish Council now administer and maintain the recreation ground directly.

With the help of the Maldon District Council Community Safety Partnership and a £10,000 grant from the Essex County Council Mid Essex Forum Fund, a youth shelter was erected on the recreation ground and officially opened in March 2009.

A new under 12's play area, which meets the required safety standards, was installed in June 2009. This has been made possible by the generous grants from Maldon District Council Parish Project Fund (£17,390), and ‘The Big Lottery Awards for All’ (£5,622). The parish Council has contributed the remainder or the final cost of the project, which was finally installed in June 2009.

In 2010 the Parish Council and the Althorne All Stars Youth Club secured grants to provide an over 12's play area and a skate park. The main grant providers were: Groundwork Community Spaces (£49,400), Essex County Council Community Initiatives Fund (£15,000) and Essex County Council Mid Essex Forum Fund (£6,500). The installation of the equipment was completed in June 2011.





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